A Note on Product         


          A number of our products are designed and manufactured as antique reproductions, giving them an old world feel.  Our wood species include acacia, alder, cherry, elm, fir, mahogany, oak, pine, and teak.  We source from our partner factory in Indonesia and from designated factories throughout Asia.  Furniture Classics’ owners and managers frequently travel to Asia to oversee quality control and work with vendors on the improvement of construction as well as packaging.

           We design and finish our furniture in order to maintain a certain distressed and antiquated look. Traditional joinery and hand construction techniques are used by individual craftsmen making our products. As such, variations in dimension or finish should be expected. And with our “reclaimed” products, there will be significant variation in surface textures and color shading. Solid wood furniture is affected by humidity and atmospheric pressures, so it continually responds to its environment. Some splitting, cracking, warping, or other movement of wood components may occur. All of these factors are non-structural and are part of achieving the authentic nature and emotional appeal of our product.