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Leather Products

BiCast Leather

Bi Cast leather is made from a split leather hide and is not actually the natural “face” or surface. These inner splits are usually aniline dyed as normal leather and quite often, as is the case with Furniture Classics, receive a polyurethane top coating. This offers a high degree of surface protection that requires only wiping with a clean, soft and damp white cloth.

Natural Leather

For minor spots and spills, immediately wipe with a soft white cloth dampened with distilled water and let air–dry. Do not dry with hair dryers, heaters, etc.

For spills of butter, oil or grease, wipe up any excess with a clean, dry cloth. Do not apply water or try to wash the spot. Leave spot alone. The spot should dissipate into leather after a short period of time.

To keep the leather supple and prevent fading, protect it from exposure to direct sunlight and heating vents. Dust with a clean soft cloth. Vacuum crevices regularly. Moisturize with an application of distilled water on a soft clean cloth. Do not use the following products: Saddle soap, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners.


Professional leather cleaning may be necessary.

Important note: The ability to "rub out" marks is sign of a high quality hide. When leather scratches, rub mark with your hand or fingertips to move natural oils around to correct the mark. Over time the scratch will dissipate.

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